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Available Courses

Please look through our list of currently available courses as well as scheduled training events. To register for upcoming training events for 2014, please visit the "Training & Events" page and download the appropriate registration form. If you would like additional info or schedule a training delivery for a course listed, please contact us.

You can also look through the National Training and Education Division (NTED), Federal, State, and National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) sponsored FEMA courses to make future course delivery requests.

Here is a copy of our PRDPC Brochure

Incident Command System (ICS) Training
100 Introduction for the Incident Command System
200 ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents
300 Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS) for Expanding Incidents
400 Advanced ICS, Command and General Staff - Complex Incidents
402 ICS Overview for Executives and Senior Officials
700 National Incident Management System, an Introduction
800 National Response Framework, an Introduction
951 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Incident Commander
959 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Operations Section Chief
968 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Logistics Section Chief
974 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Planning Section Chief

Seaport Security Training
1: Port Employees
2: Security Officers
3: Security Officer Supervisors
4: Law Enforcement Officers
5: Law Enforcement Supervisors
6: First Responders
7: Facility Security Officers (Certification)
8: Seaport Security for Port and Facility Management

Critical Infrastructure Training
1: AWR 213 - Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources
2: MGT 414 - Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection
3: MGT 315 - Enhanced Threat Risk Vulnerabilities Assessment

Security Guard Training per State of HI Act 208

FEMA Courses:
110: Emergency Management Operations
130: Exercise Evaluation
135: Exercise Control Simulation
137: Exercise Program Manager and Management
146: Community Partnerships & Awareness Training
191: ICS Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Interface
194.4: Preparing for Post-Disaster Responsibilities
235: Emergency Planning
249: Managing People in Disasters - A Local Perspective
270.4: Recovery from Disaster - The Local Government Role
289: Public Information Officer (PIO) Awareness
290: Basic Public Information Officer Training
290: Basic Public Information Officer Training
291: Joint Information System - Joint Information Center Planning for Tribal, State, & Local Information Officers
351: Who's in Charge Here - Exercising Leadership in Emergency or Disaster
363: Hurricane Readiness for Coastal Communities
364: Multi-hazard Emergency Planning for Schools
366: Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters
367: Emergency Planning for Campus Executives
386: Mass Fatalities Incident
393: Mitigation for Emergency Managers
408: Homeland Security Planning for Local Governments
434A: Earthquake Safety for Schools
489: Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters
556: Local Damage Assessment
575: Communications Interoperability
775: EOC Management and Operations

We can also coordinate additional courses from the NTED catalog.
Please contact us to set up trainings for one of the courses listed above or any other NTED course.