Pacific Regional Training Center

91-270 Hanua St. Unit #B3 Kapolei, HI 96707


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Preparing our communities, leaders, and first responders.

Kelvin Ogata, Director

The Pacific Regional Training Center (PRTC) was established in 2010 in the port city of Hilo, Hawaii with the purpose to coordinate and host training sessions to prepare first responders, government officials, and people from all walks of life, for natural disasters and other emergencies. Since then, PRDPC has relocated to the city of Aiea, on the island of Oahu. Hawaii’s histories of a wide variety of natural disasters are also typical throughout the Pacific Region causing FEMA-certified disaster training to be in high demand. Our certified instructors have the training and ability to provide these FEMA-certified courses here in Hawaii, as well as throughout the Pacific Rim.

"...the community at large will be among those benefiting from PRDPC training and course development."

In addition to offerings from the broad selection of courses found in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Training and Education Division Course Catalog, PRDPC is also working to provide the public with audience-specific disaster preparedness training. Security personnel, community leaders, and caregivers for senior citizens are among the groups that will benefit from being trained to prepare for and respond to natural disasters, as well as recover from their aftermath and mitigate the impact of future events. First-responders, planners, decision-makers, and ultimately the community at large will also be among those benefiting from PRDPC training and course development.